Mt. Shasta is one of the most sacred places on this planet. The mountain is a mystic power source for this planet and represents the first chakra of the earth. It is a focus for angels, spirit-guides, spaceships, masters from the Light Realm, and the home of the survivors of Ancient Lemuria, which sank under the waves of the Pacific Ocean a little over 12,000 years ago. Mt. Shasta is the entry point of the Light-Grids of this planet, where most of the energy comes first from the galactic and universal core before it is disseminated to other mountains and into the grids. Most mountaintops, especially tall mountains, are Beacons of Light, feeding the light-grids of this planet. Basically…it’s off the charts amazing energy. And…to top it off, it will be Summer Solstice which will be extra energetic and magical.

Our days will be spent out in nature connecting through prayer, ritual, ceremony and laughter. We will have a day of heart ceremony on the land, sound healing, energy work, a meditation in a very special and magical pyramid, hiking, lake swimming, and amazing chef prepared food. 

Mount Shasta: 
June 22-26th 2023 (In honor of Summer Solstice)

ACTIVITIES MAY INCLUDE:  Foraging and medicine making, pyramid meditation, hiking, lake swimming,  root chakra exercises, lots of play, heart ceremony, meditation, sound healing and energy work.

 If you are interested in the retreat, let’s see if it’s a fit.  Please schedule a call with me