Do you give up on your well being during the summer? You’re not alone. I know because I have been there in the past! It’s hard to commit and take care of yourself when there’s so many summer distractions. Whether the kids are around more because school is out, you’re out and about more because the weather is nice, or there’s more travel, it makes it hard to commit to a set schedule and follow through. If we can’t commit to doing a class at a specific time every week, we also then lose the community support. And one thing i do know is that it’s always easier to be accountable and follow through when we are supported in community.

The summer series offers you the best of both worlds. A community form to connect to others and recorded weekly released healings that you can do at your own leisure throughout the week…as many times as you like. So in other words, a connected container in which you can flow according to your own schedule.

Starting on Sunday July 10th, we will release a weekly chakra healing as we journey with energy work up through the chakras. You can repeat the healings as many times as you wish throughout the 2 months.

We will start week 1 with the root and clear weekly up through to the crown at the end of August. There is an optional add on of a live Full Rainbow Healing Aug 28 at 6pm PST.

This is a great way to keep your energy clear through the summer.

july 10
july 17
july 24
july 31
aug 7
aug 14
aug 21
aug 28 live full rainbow