So…Week 6 with my back issues and as far as I can tell, nothing has really changed in terms of my back healing or a reduction in the level of pain in feeling. The doctors can’t really diagnose anything other than severe nerve inflammation. I could actually deal with the pain if I felt like I was on the mend, but it is the lack of progress that is proving to be my biggest challenge. Why am I not feeling better? What is wrong with me? When will I feel better? And it is through this beautiful gift (lol) that, I am able to dive even deeper into the realm of 2nd chakra.

I am learning the importance of movement and change in all aspects of life. What role do they play in living? Everything in the universe grows or dies. That is universal law. And without movement and change, there is no growth. And without growth, there is no fulfillment. The purpose of a goal is to become more. What makes us happy is what we become and it is change and movement that bring growth and expansion of consciousness. What makes us happy is actually progress. It really is the journey. If you are trying to loose weight and you feel a pound or two coming off of you…you feel progress and excitement and often times can commit more strongly to your goal. This is how we are wired as humans.

So how to do we go about creating movement and change in our lives? How do we move toward a goal? It is all about energy and movement. In order to create change there has to be both internal and external movement in the body.

Step 1) Internal Movement: The first step in conscious creation is internal movement. We begin by making a choice, or getting excited. I want this, I desire this, and then your brain can start to create a plan.
Step 2) External Movement: The second step is external movement, taking action. You read a book, talk to someone, research online. And we keep changing approach when it doesn’t work until we find effective execution.

Then of course a sprinkle of universe magic and things start to manifest.
So what happens to me in my situation? I’ve created internal movement, I constantly work with my thought patterns, I meditate. I get excited about healing. I then move to external movement, I do energy work on myself everyday, I read about healing my situation, I go to acupuncture, I go to doctors, I take herbs…and still I feel no progress. It feels like nothing is changing.. but what I’m actually realizing, is the exact state I’m in is a change…perhaps It is not the kind of change I want… but I recognize it is change. I was healthy and active before. Now I can’t exercise and I’m in pain. So there you go…it is a change. So…Where am I left? I am left with surrender. It is easy to embrace change when it feels good but the work/growth of the 2nd chakra involves the ability to adapt to change no matter what is happening. As the saying goes, the only constant is change… So embracing the flow is the only way one can find consistency in an every flowing landscape.

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