Many of us commit to resolutions and to making changes in our lives during the month of Jan… a new year, a new life, a new way of being.  February hits and some if not most of our commitment to those things starts to fade.  This has been my M.O. for decades. As we move into February, i’m hoping i can inspire you to stick to your commitments, because where there is commitment, there is POWER.

Commitment to me was a prison.  It was a lack of freedom. There was fear.  And anywhere i have fear in my life, i always feel the need to challenge it.  So  I have been working with and watching myself around commitment over the past couple of years.  I have been committing to more and more things and following through on my word when I make a commitment…and man, have i learned a lot. 

Where there is commitment there is power.   Because when we show up as our word, that has power. There is actually more energy and more freedom.  Commitment allows us to take responsibility for our lives and directly create it.  When you are fully committed, there is an energy and power that is like an unstoppable arrow.  Things start to happen.  Changes start to occur.  Magic is present. 

There is an energy in commitment that tells the universe that you are ready and you deserve.  It is a vibration.  Commitment is where we consistently deliver on the promises we make to ourselves and others. This is who you are in the world.   You will soon find yourself committing to bigger and bigger things which you might not know how you will accomplish but there will be so much power and vibration behind your word…things will just magically start to show up to help you.

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