As I sit here in the most pain I’ve ever dealt with, I laugh to myself. I laugh at the power these monthly chakra exercises have. I’m reminded of last year with chakra 1 dealing with home and foundation and grounding and then losing my place to live. Oh the lessons. This month of flow, control and boundaries also did not disappoint…

I am a go with the flow type of person. Always have been. In fact…I used to be too much go with the flow that it ended up leaving me drained and resentful at times. I have spent the past 8 years learning about boundaries and really balancing flow with control. In most aspects of my life; work, friendship, family, I have learned to create great balance and healthy relationships.

So…this month I decided to explore any areas in my life where flow/control were out of balance. My main area seems to be around weight which manifests as either super flow or super control around diet, and exercise. Super flow is the mode where I eat and drink anything and everything I want, don’t exercise at all and don’t take care of my body. After being on this side of the spectrum for months at a time, I panic and swing all the way to the other side and stick myself on a very strict exercise and diet/cleanse regime in which I push my body physically and drink a lot of juice and powder shakes. I have always moved back and forth between these two extremes since high school. I”ve been on every diet/detox you can imagine from the cabbage diet to Clean.

Presently I am in the later state of extreme diet and exercise. I have been pushing my body physically in ways which I tell myself are healthy and not listening to the signs my body is giving…like hey slow down…we haven’t exercised in 6 months…these extreme weights followed by cardio and yoga class in the same day might be too much!

During this month of control, I was watching myself push over my limits and still found the pattern so deep, I couldn’t shift to find balance. So guess what? My back said Fuck you and just gave out. It warned me several times but I just had to get my workouts in at any cost. And now the irony is, I cant work out at all… so I laugh as I realize OK body… I get the message…loud and clear. I know I could use some practice in this area. This lesson definitely helped me ‘get it’ on a very deep level.

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