Rainbow Chakra Candle Collection


Clear and honor each of the chakras with this complete candle collection.

ROOT: patchouli – woods – myrrh: Connect to Earth. Connect to your body. Build your nest.

SACRAL: ylang ylang – musk: Create. Flow. Receive.

SOLAR PLEXUS: clove – cedar – lemongrass: Power. Self Confidence. Life Purpose.

HEART: rose – jasmine: Love. Joy. Abundance.

THROAT: fir – geraniumchamomile: Express. Trust. Speak your Truth.

THIRD EYE: galbanum – clary sage: Dream. Intuit. Manifest.

CROWN: angelica – lavendar – basil: Connect, Meditate, Relax

100% pure soy candle, small batch and hand poured in Los Angeles. 9oz

20% savings when you order the entire rainbow collection. 


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